Formats (High and standard definition cameras): non-linear editing system,consisting of high-speed computers, scanners, printers, and a variety of software with special effects included. From broadcast quality to Internet streaming.

Weddings: Photographing or videotaping a charming wedding ceremony and reception is much like making a documentary film. There is no script and nothing set in stone. Everything evolves. So, I get the details and follow the wedding planner’s map. My job is to develop the aesthetics with a riveting, self-contained storyline.

Video Résumé: Most aspiring actors or actresses submit a head-shot during a casting call. Are we sure the casting director will know about our talent or character in a head-shot? Hardly likely. A ten-minute scripted performance on DVD can be the single most essential, defining moment for your career. It could place you a step ahead of the competition and increase your chances of getting cast.

Photographs & Restorations: Family photos, childhood memories, old wedding photos of grandma and grandpa, faded and scratched, black & white as well as color, restored and copied onto easy-to-manage CDs.

As a videographer/photographer, I often get asked by friends and clients, what type of subject of object I like to photograph? People, babies, children, architecture, wild-life or still-life? Although, while I get paid to film and photograph weddings and special events, I love them all and they have a special place in my heart. I approach each subject or object with respect and dignity.

For the most part, I’m more driven by the images that I photograph on the road, so to speak. For instance, walking in on a private moment of a young Muslim girl imitating her mother’s prayer. Or the picture of a graffiti I saw in a scrapyard in Bamako, Mali. On the top toward the right is the name of Allah (God), written in Arabic. On the left is the name of the Prophet Muhammad with the cross in the middle. I never met the artist or knew what his/her intentions were. But, watchfully reading the artwork, I thought there’s a story in it. The challenge for me, though, is coordinating the eye with the camera’s lens, in time and space, and copying the moment in a split second.

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