Talking Drum Productions (TDP) specializes in producing film and video projects that are story oriented. Whether it is for training purposes, enhancing your company's image, or improving employee performance, everything must have a story line with a little humor and aesthetics. Something a viewer can relate to, interesting and fun to watch. We cover board meetings, anniversary parties, depositions, wedding videos, photographs and baby showers and sporting events

TDP also produce feature-length documentary and narrative films. One on-going project, BEYOND TIMBUKTU, is a one-hour-plus social/cultural documentary whose purpose is to shed light on the story of a rich and colorful West African literary culture that had been lost. To learn more,Click Here.

Note: Talking Drum Productions (TDP Passports) also provides expedited PASSPORT and VISA services. If you are busy with work and/or family, trying to make last-minute plans, we can expedite your application(s) and have your passport delivered to you in as quickly as 24 hrs.

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